Lentil Quality Worries Mount

PANAMA - Sep 6/19 - SNS -- For the fourth time in the last 25 years, Canada's lentil harvest started September with less than 40% of the crop in the bin.

Over that period, an average of 75.8% of the lentil crop had been harvested as September got underway, compared to just 39% this year and 83% last year.

In 2014, when the month started with 34% of the crop in the bin, only 37% graded No 2 Canada or better. In 2010, only 29% had been harvested by the end of August, and the proportion of No 2 Canada or better product sank to 32%. Harvest progress in 2004 was closer to this year at 37% complete, with 44% of the lentil crop falling into the top two grades.