U.S. Bean Harvest 61% Complete

WASHINGTON - Sep 27/17 - SNS -- This year's dry edible bean harvest is advancing at a faster pace than last year, judging from state level crop progress reports issued by the USDA.

Roughly 61% of this year's crop has been harvested, compared to 52% at this time last year. The implication is roughly 990,000 metric tons (MT) of all classes of new crop beans and chickpeas are now available to processors, compared to around 709,000 by this time last year.

Progress would have been greater, but rainfall events in some areas forced farmers to halt field operations for a few days last week. That was the case in North Dakota and northwest Minnesota. By contrast, growers in Michigan suffered through a week of record high temperatures and dry conditions.

That "continued to impact crops throughout (Michigan) . . . . While the unseasonable temperatures assisted many crops in maturing and dry down, rainfall was needed to replenish soil moisture and aid in remaining crop development," crop reporters in the state said.