India Kharif Seeding Pace Slips

PANAMA - Jun 18/17 - SNS -- Uneven progress with this year's monsoon during the past week contributed a slower pace for pulse seedings in India during the past week, with the result area has now slipped behind this time last year.

Total area in kharif season pulses now stands at 222,000 hectares, down from 363,000 at this time last year and well below the recent five year average of 327,000 hectares sown by the middle of June.

While seeded area is expected to decline this year, plantings through the middle of June should not be viewed as a indication of final area. July is the most important month for seeding kharif season pulses, with an average of 58% of the crop planted. August is the second most important month at 24% and June the third most important at 14%.