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STAT Communications Ltd.'s affiliate program is an important part of building your presence on the web.

The first stage of our affiliate program was created with the start of our news headline service. This allows interested and qualified websites to feature our headlines on their website. The current version of the headline program is free and allows you to offer dynamic content to your customers and employees, if you are managing an intranet site. If you want something which fits perfectly into your website, you will be pleased to know we are developing a service we can sell to websites like your's.

We will sites we believe will benefit our subscribers and visitors to our links page. More importantly, if you offer regularly updated content which can be accessed by one click from a weblink, let me know and I will consider adding your document to our Cash Market, Futures or Weather pages.

Joining our affiliate program earns you special consideration when we are positioning links on pages. We will give preference to our business partrners and affiliates, working to keep their links ahead of the pack!

Getting involved in the STAT Communications Ltd. affiliate program is easy! Start by adding headlines! to your website! We will let you know about new opportunities as they arise. Otherwise, bookmark this page and watch us evolve and grow!

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