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Specialty Crop Price Charts

Lentils, Chickpeas, Dealer Beans, Grower Beans, Pea Complex, Birdseed, Other, Basis

To view our specialty crop commodity price charts you must be a subscriber. Read a description of our services.

NOTE: Dealer prices are for machine dressed merchandise in bags unless otherwise specified. Grower prices are for farmers dressed merchandise in bulk delivered plant and/or loaded railcar.
The price graphs are designed to cover the last 150 weeks of data, if available. The 10-year graphs cover the past decade if the information is available, otherwise they include all available price data.


Closing Dealer Markets (No 1 grade in bags unless otherwise stated)

Closing Grower Markets for Lentil -- farmers dressed quality by grade unless otherwise shown

Chickpeas or Garbanzo Beans

Closing Dealer Markets for machine dressed bagged kabuli and bulk desi
Closing Grower Markets (farmers dressed or bin run quality)

Dry Edible Bean Dealer Markets

Colored Beans
White Beans

Dry Edible Bean Grower Markets

Colored Beans
White Beans

Field Peas and Lupins

Dealer Markets
Grower Markets

Birdseeds and Other Specialty Grains

Dealer Markets for Machine Dressed Quality

Grower Markets for Farmers Dressed Quality Deliverted Plants

Basis Charts and Indexes

These charts track the spread between the grower and dealer markets for selected products. Chickpeas, lentils and peas include inland freight as well as local handling processing charges. Canaryseed only include local processing and handling charges. The basis chart for U.S. beans is a weighted average calculation for all classes of beans and should be used to get a sense of general market conditions.

Canadian Crops

United States Crops

Lentils, Dealer Beans, Grower Beans, Pea Complex, Birdseed, Other, Basis

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