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Technology Market News

PAMI Develops Anaerobic Biodigester

REGINA - Oct 2/06 - SNS -- The Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute (PAMI) has developed an anaerobic biodigester system at its facilities in Humboldt, which has the potential to turn common waste into heat and electricity. . . . Continue

SWP Expands Wireless Network

SASKATOON - Sep 7/06 - SNS -- The Saskatchewan Wheat Pool Inc. (SWP) will off wireless high speed access points at 100 of its facilities under a seven year agreement with VCom Inc.' YourLink Inc. subsidiary. . . . Continue

PDA For Dairy Operations

VANCOUVER - Jun 16/06 - SNS -- North American dairy producers now have available a rugged PDA for instantly entering data about individual cows in their herds. . . . Continue

USDA Approves Plant-Made Vaccine

NEW YORK - Jan 31/06 - SNS -- Dow AgroSciences LLC received regulatory approval for a plant-made vaccine from the USDA's Center for Veterinary Biologics, the first time a plant-made product has been approved. . . . Continue

USDA Proposes EDI Rules

WASHINGTON - Jan 27/06 - SNS -- The USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) has issued an advance notice of proposed rulemaking in response to concerns raised by the industry regarding electronic invoicing. The concern is that sellers may lose their status as trust creditors when using electronic data interchange or electronic invoicing. . . . Continue

Heads Up Display for Farmers

NEW YORK - Dec 16/05 - SNS -- Smucker Manufacturing is teaming with Motion Research Corporation to create the first Heads Up Display (HUD) guidance systems for agricultural applications. . . . Continue

Alberta Invests in Food Residue Analysis

EDMONTON - Sep 29/05 - SNS -- Alberta Agriculture has invested in a new tandem mass spectrometer (LC-MS/MS) system so that it can rapidly test for chemical residue in food products. . . . Continue

NIR Feed Grain Segregation Project

DES MOINES - Sep 8/05 - SNS -- Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc. and CHS Inc. are working on a pilot project to evaluate the feed quality of incoming grain to develop more efficient channeling of defined grain to specific end-use customers. The projec t will be conducted over two years at a minimum of four CHS grain-handling locations, beginning in 2005. . . . Continue

Hand-Held IRS Device for Forage

WASHINGTON - Sep 8/05 - SNS -- USDA researchers are working with two private companies in Oklahoma to develop hand-held devices which can measure the nutrient quality of forage. . . . Continue

CBOT Upgrades Trading Platform

CHICAGO - Aug 29/05 - SNS -- The Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) will upgrade its electronic trading platform on October 9, 2005. . . . Continue

Biodegradeable Polymers Possible

WASHINGTON - Aug 24/05 - SNS -- Glycerol and citric acid can be chemically combined to produce biodegradable polymers that could be used in produce packaging and other products, according to Agricultural Research Service scientists. . . . Continue

Beware of Charity Scams

SYDNEY - Jul 15/05 - SNS -- People should never respond to anonymous requests for charitable contributions and never click on submission links contained in email messages, warns the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). . . . Continue

Chicken Manure Cleans Up Polluted Water

WASHINGTON - Jul 7/05 - SNS -- USDA researchers have found a way to convert chicken manure into a product capable of cleaning polluted waters. . . . Continue

USDA Invents Artificial Bugs

WASHINGTON - Jun 22/05 - SNS -- Plant breeders will soon have a new tool available to simulate attacks by insects on plants to help breeders screen for resistance to insect-borne viral diseases of corn and soybean. . . . Continue

Rapid Herbicide Resistance Tests

WASHINGTON - Jun 20/05 - SNS -- USDA researchers have developed two tests for rapidly screenings horseweed plants for resistance to the herbicide glyphosate. . . . Continue

USDA Researches New Pesticides

WASHINGTON - Jun 2/05 - SNS -- USDA researchers are looking at a new range of plant-based insecticides as alternatives to conventional chemical insecticides. . . . Continue

Environmentally Friendly Insecticide

MANHATTAN - May 26/05 - SNS -- Millers and other grain industry participants are getting excited about an environmentally friendly product, which can significantly reduce insect damage in stored wheat grain and seed. . . . Continue

DNA Research Simplifies Fungi ID

WASHINGTON - May 16/05 - SNS -- USDA researchers are finding it easier to identify fungi that cause Fusarium head blight in cereal grains because of a new DNA-based test developed by Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists in Peoria, Ill. . . . Continue

Cows Power Hydrogen Fuel Cell

ST. PAUL - May 10/05 - SNS -- A dairy farm in Minnesota is the first in the world to run a hydrogen fuel cell from the biogas captured from dairy cows. The project is being conducted at the Haubenschild family farm near Princeton. . . . Continue

Sorghum Holds Weed Fighting Clue

WASHINGTON - May 9/05 - SNS -- USDA researchers believe the sorghum plant offers important clues about how plants could be bred which help combat encroaching weeds. . . . Continue

Omega-3 Enriched Plants on Horizon

SYDNEY - Apr 6/05 - SNS -- Australian researchers have demonstrated land plants can be developed which produce DHA, a healthy omega-3 oil component normally only available from fish sources, and vital for human health. . . . Continue

Wheat Pathogen Genone to be Sequenced

WASHINGTON - Mar 31/05 - SNS -- USDA researchers have combined with a Dutch plant pathologist to sequence the genome of a key wheat pathogen. . . . Continue

Monsanto Praises Brazilian Biosafety Law

ST. LOUIS - Mar 24/05 - SNS -- Monsanto expressed pleasure with today's signing of a biosafety bill into law by Brazilís President Lula. . . . Continue

Plants Defy Genetic Rules

WEST LAFAYETTE - Mar 23/05 - SNS -- Commonly held assumptions about genetic inheritance have been upset by researchers at Purdue University, who discovered some plants revert to normal traits carried by their grandparents, bypassing genetic abnormalitie s carried by both parents. . . . Continue

Plastic From Feathers

WASHINGTON - Feb 24/05 - SNS -- USDA researchers say they have found a way to convert chicken feathers into plastic products. . . . Continue

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