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Benefit from featuring a news wire feed on your site by choosing the option you require below, and insert the code we email you into a page on your website or intranet. Headlines are available in JavaScript or RSS format and updated at the same time as content on the STAT website.

Your visitors will can read automatically updated commodity news content. You can choose between our global agricultural package -- now featuring 80+ headlines per working day -- or zero in on commodities of interest to your audience.

JavaScript headlines are the simplest to incorporate into your website. Just cut and paste the enabling code we email into position on your page. Surround it with font tags to make the typeface match your website. Javascript headlines come in two styles:

Option 1 - Five headlines plus the first paragraph. Take a look.

Option 2 - Latest 5, 10, 20 or 30 headlines! Check out the latest 20.

Our RSS standard files contain the maximum allowed 15 headlines, including the title and the first paragraph of each article. The files need to be parsed using various freely available tools so they can be incorporated into your pages. The advantage of this format is you control all aspects of the headline presentation.

The headlines are created by an external JavaScript or RSS file, which is kept on our servers. The file is updated when we update our website. Your users get the news just as quickly as ours!

Please register to receive your free headline newsfeed - the enabling code will be emailed to you.

Complete the form and we will email the code you need to start streaming headlines to your clients

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