Weather Stresses U.S. Beans

WASHINGTON - Jul 11/17 - SNS -- Dry edible bean crops in the United States are in fair to good condition, with drought stress showing up in several states while crops in Michigan are suffering from moisture stress.

Crop reporters in North Dakota notes that despite some recent rain, most of North Dakota was experiencing drought conditions. Topsoil moisture supplies rated 29% very short, 33% short, 36% adequate, and 2% surplus. Subsoil moisture supplies rated 20% very short, 31% short, 47% adequate, and 2% surplus.

Dry edible bean crops in Michigan are showing the impact of the recent flooding rains, with over half the crop rated fair to very poor. Producers assessed crop damage from earlier rains as fields began to dry out. Dry bean replanting occurred in central and eastern Michigan, which will help calm market fears about potential shortfalls of some classes.

Farmers in Minnesota hope for rain in the coming weeks to aid in crop development. Even so, soil moisture conditions in the state are good. Topsoil moisture supplies decreased slightly from the previous week, rating 2% very short, 17% short, 78% adequate and 3% surplus. Subsoil moisture supplies also decreased slightly, rating 1% very short, 10% short, 85% adequate and 4% surplus.