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USDA Sets February Interest Rates

WASHINGTON - Feb 1/2 - SNS -- The USDA set interest rates for February 2022.

Interest rates for operating and ownership loans for February 2022 are as follows:

- Farm Operating Loans (Direct): 2.250%

- Farm Ownership Loans (Direct): 2.875%

- Farm Ownership Loans (Direct, Joint Financing): 2.500%

- Farm Ownership Loans (Down Payment): 1.500%

- Emergency Loan (Amount of Actual Loss): 3.250%

FSA also offers guaranteed loans through commercial lenders at rates set by those lenders.

You can find out which of these loans may be right for you by using our Farm Loan Discovery Tool.

Interest rates for commodity and storage facility loans are:

- Commodity Loans (less than one year disbursed): 1.375%

- Farm Storage Facility Loans:

- Three-year loan terms: 1.125%

- Five-year loan terms: 1.375%

- Seven-year loan terms: 1.625%

- Ten-year loan terms: 1.625%

- Twelve-year loan terms: 1.750%

- Sugar Storage Facility Loans (15 years): 2.000%

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