Modest Improvement in Aussie Pulse Yields

PANAMA - Dec 2/19 - SNS -- This year's average yields for pulses ended up better than initially expected, leading to a modest increase in the forecast size of the crop, according to the latest estimates from the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES).

Production of the five main pulses was pegged at 1.741 million metric tons (MT), up from 1.667 million last year, but well below the recent five year average of 2.842 million MT.

ABARES said winter crop production was adversely affected by seasonal conditions in early spring that were more unfavorable than expected in most cropping regions, particularly in Western Australia and southern New South Wales.

"Rainfall was below average and daytime temperatures above average in most cropping regions. The unfavorable seasonal conditions reduced crop prospects in most cropping regions but the changes in Western Australia and southern New South Wales were the most significant. . . . In contrast, yields in most southern cropping regions in South Australia and Victoria are expected to be average to above average where timely spring rainfall fell."