Limited Harvest Action Reported in Canada

PANAMA - Aug 9/19 - SNS -- Initial harvest activity was reported in Saskatchewan and Manitoba over the past week, though the harvest is not expected to become general for another 10 to 15 days.

Manitoba's harvest may advance more rapidly thank other provinces because most of its crop is rated from beginning to full maturity. However, that province is expected to account for only 3% of the harvest, with the result markets pay more attention to progress in Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Harvest activity in the United States is also off to slow star. As the week got underway, only 8% of this year's crop was in the bin, compared to 37% at this time last year. Assuming average yields, the quantity of new crop peas available in the United States is approaching 60,000 metric tons (MT), compared to around 247,000 at the same time last year.

Canadian processors and exporters had a nervous weekend because Environment Canada said there was a risk of frost across much of the province. Overnight temperatures in many areas ended the week by falling into the low single digits (Celsius). Conditions are expected to be warmer throughout the coming week, with shower activity forecast in many areas.