More Bird Flu in Crimea

KIEV - Jan 23/06 - APK -- According to Interfax-Ukraine news agency, new bird flu incidences have been registered in the Crimea.

These are said to have been village of Zolotoye Pole in Kirovsky and village of Predmostnoye in Jankoy Raion of the Autonomous Republic. The information was released by Ukraine's Department of Veterinary Medicine on Friday morning.

The department said it had reported a case of mass deaths of poultry in one of the households in the village of Predmostnoye some time before.

It said quarantine had been imposed in the listed villages; the poultry at the farms and households where the deaths have been registered is being exterminated.

The department's spokesman said the quarantine regime was now in effect in the villages of Solnechnoye in Simferopol Raion, Beregovoye, Primorskoye and Orjonikidze of Feodosia urban area.

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