Lentils Mainly Steady

PANAMA - Nov 16/18 - SNS -- Improving demand is adding some underlying strength to red and green lentil markets through the winter shipping positions.

This is reflected in prices offered to Canadian farmers, with average bid levels for all classes of lentils for delivery during the first quarter of 2019 now sitting at a premium to average spot market bids for farmers dressed product delivered western Canadian processing plants.

Bulk lentil movement through the middle of November is up over the same 15 week period in the 2017-18 marketing year, but down from the levels seen in 2015 and 2016.

Solid Week For Rabi Seeding

PANAMA - Nov 16/18 - SNS -- Seeding of this season's rabi pulses in India advanced at a rapid pace during the past week, with farmers planting 3.09 million hectares, compared to 3.098 million during the same week last year and the recent five year average of 2.03 million for the second week of November.

Area sown so far now totals 6.995 million hectares, down from 8.532 million at the same time last year and below the recent five year average of 7.649 million hectares sown by November 16.

Planting of all crops is down from this time last year, sinking from 22.74 to 19.11 million hectares. Land in oilseeds dropped from 4.95 to 4.69 million hectares, while coarse cereals sank from 2.974 to 1.627 million hectares. Rice is down from 857,000 to 641,000 hectares, while wheat is down from 5.428 million at 5.163 million hectares.

Desi Showing Underlying Firmness

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Birdseeds Unchanged to Firmer

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Dry Beans Mixed On Week

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