French Pea Continue to Lag 2017-18

PARIS - Dec 14/18 - SNS -- Exports of peas from France improved in October but total shipments remain well below last season, according to data from Eurostat and Terres Univia.

Export shipments during October totalled 14,860 metric tons (MT), up 15% from the 12,975 MT shipped the previous month, and up 70% from the 8,720 MT shipped the same month last year. Season to date export clearances are down 47% from the previous marketing year.

Belgium was the most important destination, taking 8,975 MT. Netherlands was the second most important destination at 3,370 MT, followed by Spain at 919 and Germany at 902 MT.

Bulk Lentil Drops in October

WINNIPEG - Dec 10/18 - SNS -- The Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) reports 22,700 metric tons (MT) lentils were loaded for export through licensed facilities which are required to report to it all grain movement in October.

The CGC reports 18,200 MT were shipped the same month last year, while movement is down from the 33,600 MT shipped the previous month.

This lifted bulk loadings for the marketing year to 125,400 MT, compared to 88,000 MT during the same period last season.

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