USDA Buys 8,03 MT Pulses

KANSAS CITY - Mar 22/18 - SNS -- The USDA's Commodity Credit Corporation office here confirmed the purchase of 8,030 metric tons (MT) of pulses for shipment as food aid.

Under terms of USDA PL-480 food aid tender invitation 200005250 the USDA is buying pulses packed in 50 kg bags.

Purchases are for shipment from interior plants between April 16 to May 7 and between May 8 to May 29 for plants located at port.

Australia Develops GM Safflower

CANBERRA - Mar 21/18 - SNS -- The Australian government is seeking comments about the potential release of a genetically modified varieties of safflower intended for industrial use.

Its Gene Technology Regulator is assessing licence application DIR 158 from GO Resources Pty Ltd for commercial cultivation of genetically modified (GM) safflower. The two GM safflower lines have been genetically modified to produce more oleic acid in the seed. They also contain an introduced marker gene for antibiotic resistance, used to select the GM plants in the laboratory.

GO Resources Pty Ltd is seeking approval to commercially grow the GM safflower in all safflower growing areas of Australia. The GM safflower and its derived products would enter general commerce, with the oil derived from the GM safflower intended for commercial industrial oil production. Products derived from the GM safflower are not intended for use in human food.

U.S. Diesel Fuel Cost Survey

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Green Pea Variety for Montana

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India Boosts Kabuli Duty

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