USDA National Sunflower Market Summary

MINNEAPOLIS - Sep 3/15 - SNS -- The USDA's weekly national sunflower seed market review was released today. The report covers the period ending Sep and covers U.S. seed, oil and meal markets for regular and mid-oleic acid sunflower seed.

National Sunflower Summary

Market Shocked by Stocks Report

VANCOUVER - Sep 3/15 - SNS -- Markets were broad sided by Statistics Canada July 31 stocks in all positions report for peas and lentils, with closing inventory for the 2014-15 marketing year coming in well above expectations.

Statistics Canada pegged closing stocks for lentils ten times higher than thought at 365,000 metric tons (MT). Season ending field pea inventories were almost four times higher than expected at 429,000 MT. Statistics Canada no longer estimates stocks for other pulses and special crops.

The key reason behind the increases were upward revisions in crop production estimates for prior years. The 2013 lentil crop was increased from 2.251 to 2.173 million MT, while ending stocks for the 2013-14 marketing year were boosted from 169,000 to 786,000 MT.

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