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Peas Not Surprised By Stocks

PANAMA - May 7/21 - SNS -- Global field pea markets were not surprised with Canada's March 31 stocks in all positions report, with grower selling interest and ongoing export movement remaining dominant factors.

Statistics Canada said Canada had a total of 1.878 million metric tons (MT) of peas on hand on March 31, down slightly from 1.91 million at the same time last year. Inventories on farms slipped from 1.505 to 1.473 million MT, while stocks in commercial position were unchanged at 405,000 MT.

Inferred domestic disappearance rose from around 174,000 to almost 221,500 MT. This is a possible reflection of increased value added processing capacity to manufacture pea starch, protein and fiber fractions as well as the diversion of product into livestock feed markets.

Lentils Feel Good About Stocks

PANAMA - May 7/21 - SNS -- Markets were not overly surprised by the Canadian March 31 stocks in all positions report for lentils, with market participants seeing the number as supportive of current price trends.

Statistics Canada does not break lentil stocks by class. The total for all classes was 1.435 million metric tons (MT), down from 1.678 million at the same time last year, but above the previous five year average of 1.335 million.

Farmers reported they were holding 1.26 million MT of lentils in their bins, down from 1.508 million last year. Commercial inventories came in at 175,000 MT, just above the 170,000 on hand at the same time last year.

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