Pea and Lentil Harvest 20% Complete

REGINA - Aug 16/18 - SNS -- Saskatchewan pea and lentil harvests made good progress during the past week with around 20% of the province's pea and lentil crops in the bin and another 20% ready to be harvested.

Reported yields are average to below average, but Saskatchewan Agriculture says farmers are happy with this year's quality.

This year's harvest is most advanced in southwestern Saskatchewan, where 10% of the crop is combined, compared to 8% in southeastern Saskatchewan, 2% across central crop districts and 1% in the north. Though some farmers would like to receive one more soaking rain to help crops fills, harvest progress in other areas is helped by current dry conditions.

Initial Dry Bean Harvest Activity

WASHINGTON - Aug 14/18 - SNS -- Dry edible bean crops in the United States remain in mostly good condition, judging from state level reports issued by the USDA.

The overall crop appears to be in 10% excellent condition, 53% good, 23% fair, and 6% poor to very poor. Crops in Colorado continue to be in the worst condition overall, while those in Washington state are in the best overall condition.

Limited harvest activity was reported in parts of the growing area, though the main harvest has yet to start. North Dakota is most important producing state, and crop reporters there say 95% of the crop is setting pods, compared to 80% last year and the recent average of 76%. At the same time, 23% is now dropping leaves. That state's field pea harvest is well advanced, with 59% now in the bin, just ahead of 56% at this time last year.

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