French Exports Drop in February

PARIS - Apr 8/20 - SNS -- French field pea export volumes declined in February, according to data from Eurostat and Terres Univia.

Export shipments during the month totalled 15,645 metric tons (MT), down 19% the 18,927 MT shipped the previous month, but up 29% from the 12,175 MT shipped the same month last year.

This lifted season to date export shipments to 157,805 MT, up 18% from the 134,300 MT shipped during the same period last season. So far this marketing year, European Union destinations accounted for 96% of all pea exports, compared to 98.6% last season.

Broadbean Exports From Australia Open With Firm Tone

PANAMA - Apr 7/20 - SNS -- Exports of broadbeans for Australia posted major gains, moving upward relative to the previous month in February, available data from Australia Bureau of Statistics reports.

Movement during the month reached 63,865 metric tons (MT), up from 48,949 MT the prior month. This increased shipments so far during the marketing year to 153,050, up 5% last year.

The largest buyer during the month was Egypt, taking 48,744 MT. Saudi Arabia was the second most important buyer buying 4,970 MT, followed by United Arab Emirates at 3,595 MT.

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