Unitedkingdom's Kidney And White Bean Imports Reveal A Strong Performance

PANAMA1 - Jan 15/19 - SNS -- Imports of kidney and white beans for Unitedkingdom advanced compared to the previous month in November, the latest data from reveals.

Imports for the month reached 9,985 metric tons (MT), up from 8,611 MT the previous month. This increased imports so far during the calendar year to 83,813, down 12% last year.

Canada was the number one supplier during the month, selling 6,142 MT. United States was the second most important export origin shipping 2,874 MT, followed by Ethiopia at 280 MT.

Oil-type Sunflower Imports From Netherlands Record Soft Month

PANAMA3 - Jan 15/19 - SNS -- Netherlands's imports of oil-type sunflowers in November plunged versus the previous month, according to data from .

Total imports for the month reached 6,424 metric tons (MT) , down 94% from the previous month's total of 99,648. So far Imports to 851,302 MT, up from 590,137 during the last calendar year.

Other was the largest origin, shipping 5,222 MT. Russia was the second most important export origin supplying 1,200 MT, followed by China at 3 MT.

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