Smaller Musdtard Crop Foreseen

PANAMA - May 27/17 - SNS -- In its latest monthly review of Canadian mustard seed Agriculture Canada's market analysis branch in Winnipeg updated its production forecast for the 2017-18 marketing year. It is important to note that the forecast is not based on a survey of farmers.

It thinks production could reach 150,000 MT from 158,000 hectares, compared to 234,000 MT from 212,000 hectares last year.

Agriculture Canada forecasts exports will reach 125,000 MT in 2017-18, compared to a forecast 115,000 this season and 113,000 MT last season. Domestic use is forecast at 45,000 MT in the coming marketing year, versus 47,000 this season.

Continued Strong Bulk Pea Movement

WINNIPEG - May 22/17 - SNS -- The Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) reports 418,200 metric tons (MT) field pea were loaded for export through licensed terminal and primary elevators which are required to report to it all grain movement in April.

The CGC data does not include exports in containers or from non-reporting terminals. It is important to recall that the CGC data may not match official export data. The CGC counts product when it is loaded to ships, while Statistics Canada bases its calculations on the bill of lading date.

The CGC reports exports are up 224% from the 129,100 MT shipped the same month last year and up 8% from the 389,000 MT loaded for export the previous month.

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