Uptick In SAF Dry Bean Forecast

PRETORIA - Mar 28/17 - SNS -- This year's dry edible bean production estimate was raised slightly from initial forecasts in the latest report the South Africa Grain Information Service (SAGIS).

This year's seeded area was pegged at 45,050 hectares, up from 34,400 last year; while the country's second production estimate for summer crops forecast a 65,275 metric ton (MT) harvest, up sharply from 35,445 last year and just above the initial 64,345 MT forecast.

The increase does not change the fact that South Africa remains fundamentally short of dry edible beans. Import volumes are partly driven by regional demand and by international price levels. With exporters in China becoming more aggressive with prices, imports could increase to fill in those supply gaps.

India Sets 10% Duty on Tur

NEW DELHI - Mar 28/17 - SNS -- The Indian government has imposed an import duty of 10% on tur or pigeon pea.

The change is intended to provide some support to internal markets, which have fallen below the minimum support price (MSP) in several regions.

No changes were made to import duties for chickpeas, lentils or field peas. Those remain at zero. However, the change underscores the willingness of the Indian government to discourage imports in the belief this will provide price support to farmers.

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