Mustard Harvest Restarting

PANAMA - Oct 19/18 - SNS -- Mustard seed markets in Canada and the United States were largely unchanged on the week, though grower bids eased in the face of renewed harvest activity.

At 80% complete, harvest progress was unchanged from the week before, but crop reporters say many farmers were able to get back in their fields as the week drew to a close.

There are no reports on the quality of the last part of the harvest, but markets expect problems with green seeds, which is helping prevent prices from coming under pressure.

Birdseeds Hold Firm

PANAMA - Oct 19/18 - SNS -- Birdseed ingredient markets maintained their firm tone throughout the week, helped by the slow pace of Canada's canaryseed harvest since the middle of September.

Farmers were able to make progress during the past week, with the percentage in the bin jumping from 51% to 63%, though some processors report moisture levels are high and farmers will need to reduce that before they can deliver product.

Sunflower markets remain firm, influenced by a smaller than hoped crop. Discussing markets, the U.S. based National Sunflower Association (NSA) said markets are also helped by the fact sunflower is "not facing retaliatory tariffs from our trading partners and a tighter seed supply this marketing year."

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