Drought Afflicts Ethiopia

PANAMA - Feb 20/17 - SNS -- Food aid requirements in Ethiopia and neighboring countries are expected to be larger this year because of persistent drought in the southern and eastern parts of the country.

Dry edible bean markets are moderately concerned about drought in Ethiopia because the country has become a significant exporter in recent years.

The World Food Program says, "The regional consensus climate outlook for March (through) May 2017 . . . indicates an increased likelihood of below to near normal rainfall over eastern and coastal Kenya; southern and north-western Somalia; north-eastern, eastern and southern Ethiopia; southern parts of South Sudan; and north-eastern Uganda."

Bulk Pea Exports Slowing

PANAMA - Feb 19/17 - SNS -- Canadian bulk field pea exports remain well ahead of last year, with over two million metric tons (MT) loaded to ships and railcars for bulk export through the middle of February.

However, there are strong expectations movement will slow as exporters adopt a more cautious tone toward shipments to India because of the risk the exemption allowing product to be shipped without being fumigated with methyl bromide might not be extended after March 31.

Optimism about India's capacity to grow enough pulses to cover the bulk of its domestic needs has given the government more confidence about going back to rules which were in place a decade ago. None were repealed. Only exemptions were granted.

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