Doubts About Canadian Chickpea Crop

PANAMA - Oct 23/16 - SNS -- Canadian chickpea processors and exporters are increasingly doubtful about the quality and quantity of product which will be harvested this year.

The harvest was stalled at 25% complete during the first half of October because of wet and cold weather conditions.

This is expected to hurt the quality of the crop, with the result a higher than normal percentage may only be suitable for livestock feed. This materially affects the supply fundamentals for Canada, but any impact on price depends on events outside the country.

Lower Average Farm Prices for Lentils

PANAMA - Oct 23/16 - SNS -- In its latest monthly review of Canadian lentils Agriculture Canada's market analysis branch in Winnipeg predicts lentil production this year will total 3.263 million MT from 2.363 million hectares, compared to 2.541 million MT from 1.598 million hectares last year.

Agriculture Canada forecasts exports will reach 2.2 million MT in 2016-17, compared to 2.147 million MT last season. Domestic use is forecast at 752,000 MT in the coming marketing year, versus 702,000 last season.

Season ending stocks are expected to finish the 2016-17 marketing year at 400,000 MT, versus 73,000 the previous marketing year.

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