Frost In Sonora

MEXICO CITY - Feb 25/18 - SNS -- Frost was reported overnight in the Sonora chickpea growing areas.

There was no immediate idea of the extent of damage, though the upper canopy in some fields was killed, while some the moisture in some seed pods froze.

Seeds are well developed but still not fully mature. However, researchers in Saskatchewan note that, "Early frost, as little as 2C or 3C, during pod filling and ripening can result in immature green seed in the harvested crop, significantly reducing the grade and value."

Peas And Indian Politics

PANAMA - Feb 23/18 - SNS -- International field pea markets were generally unchanged during the past week.

Markets are trying to gauge the impact of all the back room politics on long term demand. The Indian government has indicated it will give pre advice of future changes in import duties and says it will work with Canada and other countries on alternatives to fumigating cargoes with methyl bromide at time of shipment.

A key change sought by Australia and Canada is that India will not apply import duty and other policy changes to afloat cargoes. Because recent duty increases affected all shipments which had not cleared customs on the day the change took place, there were numerous reports of contract defaults by importers.

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