Canadian Transportation Action Sought

SASKATOON - Feb 21/18 - SNS -- The Saskatchewan Pulse Growers (SPG) wants Canada's pending Transportation Modernization Act amended to give the Canadian Transportation Agency power to investigate service issues without waiting for complaints.

The SPG wants to the Canadian Transportation Agency given Own-motion power and to include soybeans and chickpeas as eligible crops under the maximum revenue entitlement (MRE). That would give those crops the same transportation rate protection and competitiveness available to other crops covered under the MRE.

In a press statement, the SPG said, "Own-motion power would remove the requirement of the Agency to receive a complaint from a shipper, instead enabling the Agency to investigate service issues and railways actions independently, and identify solutions within their regulatory toolbox.

Chickpeas Softer Still

PANAMA - Feb 16/18 - SNS -- International chickpea markets maintained their weaker undertone during the past week as offers from new crop sellers remain just ahead of buying interest.

Many buyers expect further price erosion, resulting in more patient attitudes toward covering outstanding needs through the first quarter of 2019.

Supply and demand fundamentals for kabuli type chickpeas have been bullish for the past couple of years. But the numbers can disguise the depth of the problem.

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