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Field Pea Exports From Ukraine Post Slow Performance

PANAMA - Nov 30/23 - SNS -- Exports of field peas from Ukraine were slightly lower, falling versus the previous month in September, the latest data from Ukraine Statistics Service shows.

Exports reached 34,616 metric tons (MT) during the month, down 17% from the 41,534 MT exported the previous month. Export sales so far total 171,350 MT, compared to 94,016 in the same period the last calendar year.

Spain was the most important importer during the month, receiving 7,015 MT. Bangladesh was the second most important buyer receiving 5,610 MT, followed by Italy at 5,596 MT.

Ukraine's Sunflower Seed Exports Record Improved Result

PANAMA - Nov 30/23 - SNS -- Export shipments of sunflower seeds from Ukraine rocketed compared to the previous month in September, recent data from Ukraine Statistics Service reports.

Export sales during the month reached 12,287 metric tons (MT), up from 5,668 MT the previous month. This boosted export sales so far during the calendar year to 686,154, down 61% last year.

For the month, Other was the most important buyer, receiving 5,035 MT. Turkey was the second most important consumer taking 3,818 MT, followed by Finland at 686 MT.

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