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Canada's Red Lentil Exports Maintain Easy Tone

PANAMA - Aug 5/21 - SNS -- Canada's shipments of red lentils in June were little changed, dropping compared to the previous month, according to data from Statistics Canada.

Shipments reached 147,900 metric tons (MT) in the month, down 5% from the 155,662 MT shipped the previous month. Shipments so far total 1,389,942 MT, compared to 1,458,176 in the same period the previous marketing year.

For the month, India was the top buyer, receiving 65,982 MT. Bangladesh was the second most important destination receiving 35,460 MT, followed by United Arab Emirates at 13,375 MT.

Green Lentil Exports From Canada Post Strong Performance

PANAMA - Aug 5/21 - SNS -- Shipments of green lentils for Canada showed modest gains, advancing relative to the previous month in June, recent data from Statistics Canada reports.

Movement for the month reached 28,000 metric tons (MT), up from 23,726 MT the prior month. This increased export sales so far during the marketing year to 384,443, down 9% last year.

India was the top buyer, buying 10,580 MT. United Arab Emirates was the second most important importer taking 3,049 MT, followed by Algeria at 2,926 MT.

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