Lentil Imports From Turkey Post Improved Oucome

PANAMA - Feb 19/19 - SNS -- At this point in the calendar year posted a better result, with lentil imports for Turkey showed modest gains, advancing compared to the previous month in December, according to available data from Turkish Statistical Institute (TURKSTAT).

Imports during the month totalled 32,304 metric tons (MT), up from 27,912 MT the previous month. This increased imports so far during the calendar year to 356,535, down 4% last year.

During the month, Kazakhstan was the number one origin, shipping 20,060 MT. Canada was the second most important supplier selling 7,249 MT, followed by Russia at 4,293 MT.

Turkey's Lentil Exports Reveal Easy Performance

PANAMA - Feb 19/19 - SNS -- Turkey's shipments of lentils during December were slightly lower, falling compared to the previous month, according to data from Turkish Statistical Institute (TURKSTAT).

Shipments totalled 31,150 metric tons (MT) in the month, down 18% from the 37,834 MT exported the previous month. Exports so far total 299,774 MT, versus 265,338 in the same period the previous calendar year.

Egypt was the largest consumer during the month, receiving 11,409 MT. Sudan was the second most important consumer receiving 3,897 MT, followed by Iraq at 3,521 MT.

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