Average Start to French Pea Exports

PARIS - Sep 17/19 - SNS -- France's field pea exports started the 2019-20 marketing campaign on a relatively good note, according to data from Eurostat and Terres Univia.

Export shipments during July totalled 17,700 metric tons (MT), down 17% the 21,205 MT shipped the previous month, buy up 3% from the 17,130 MT shipped the same month last year.

Belgium was the most important destination, taking 9,685 MT. Spain was the second most important destination at 4,040 MT, followed by Netherlands at 1,860 and Italy at 1,515 MT.

U.S. Bean Harvest Progress Doubles

WASHINGTON - Sep 17/19 - SNS -- This year's dry edible bean and chickpea harvest is 12% complete in the United States, up from 6% last week, judging from state level crop updates from the USDA's NASS.

States growing more chickpeas than dry edible beans continue to show the most progress. Idaho reports 37% of the crop is now in the bin, versus 65% last year, while Montana has harvested 58%, down from 76% last year and Oregon reports 45% harvested, compared to 75% last year.

Farmers in North Dakota have now harvested 13% of this year's crop, compared to 72% last year. Colorado's harvest started the week at 8% complete, compared to 46% last year and the recent average of 49%. Farmers in Michigan have yet to report harvest activity.

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