Beans Crop Conditions Hold Steady

WASHINGTON - Aug 20/18 - SNS -- This year's dry edible bean crop remains in mostly good to excellent condition, judging from state level reports from the USDA.

Roughly 49% of the crop is rated good, 8% excellent, 27% fair, 7% poor and 2% very poor. As with previous weeks, conditions remain the worst in Colorado with 34% of the crop rated in poor or very poor condition.

In North Dakota, the most important producing state, crops are rated 48% good, 3% excellent, 36% fair, 11% poor and 2% very poor.

Slow Cooking Improves Pulse Quality

OTTAWA - Aug 20/18 - SNS -- Cooking pulses slowly water with between 0.5% and 1% salt preserves nutrients while eliminating anti-nutritive compounds, says Agriculture Canada's Elsayed Abdelaal.

"When it comes to removing or reducing the anti-nutritional factors that interfere with the absorption of nutrients, you need time for them to diffuse out of the pulses and into the solution. Giving more time at lower temperatures allows that process to take place without affecting the quality of the product," Abdelaal said.

Working with a team of researchers, he tested how the different bioactive components (example, polyphenols) and anti-nutritional qualities (that is the elements that prevent nutrient absorption) of pulses are impacted when they are cooked in a microwave, a slow cooker, a pressure cooker and a traditional pot. Bioactive and anti-nutritional factors have been associated with nutrient absorption, disease prevention, and an overall healthy diet.

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