Global Pulse Use Drive

ROME - Dec 11/19 - SNS -- The Global Pulse Confederation (GPC) has teamed with the FAO to promote the cultivation and consumption of pulses around the globe.

The agreement "provides a framework for the FAO and the GPC to demonstrate leadership in the development of the global pulse sector", said Cindy Brown, Board President of the Global Pulse Confederation, which has 24 national association as well as 600 private-sector members.

For FAO, closer ties will build on the successful collaboration with the International Year of Pulses celebrated in 2016, for which the GPC became the main donor. The new partnership aims to move from advocacy to on-the-ground actions including a pilot programme in Burkina Faso and mapping out ways to leverage value chains for products such as cowpeas and Bambara beans.

India's Pigeon Pea Imports Sustain Solid Tone

PANAMA - Dec 9/19 - SNS -- India's imports of pigeon peas during July jumped compared to the previous month, according to data from Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence & Statistics.

Imports reached 17,837 metric tons (MT) in the month, up 42% from the 12,605 MT shipped the previous month. Imports so far total 185,150 MT, compared to 129,321 in the same period the last calendar year.

The number one shipper for the month was Mozambique, shipping 8,154 MT. Myanmar was the second most important shipper supplying 6,230 MT, followed by Malawi at 2,500 MT.

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