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Export Essentials September 2013: The Heatmap Edition

The September edition of the Export Essentials includes data which will help you understand how prices and exports change within and between marketing years.

This edition contains heat maps which show which months within each marketing year are the hottest in terms of price and the hottest in terms of movement. This makes it possible to see any price and movement patterns which exist in pulse and special crop markets. The book also contains the latest monthly export trade data for Canada, the United States and Australia and updated supply and demand forecasts. The book includes separate export trade tables for Canadian red and lentils, as well as Canadian green, yellow and split peas.

This book is included in all Platinum subscriptions. If you do not have a platinum account, upgrade your current subscription and receive pro-rata credit for the unused portion. Otherwise, you can order your own copy of this book for an essential way of visualizing price and export performance within and between marketing years.

Publication date: Sep 12, 2013

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