STAT is a certified merchant

STAT Communications Ltd. is a certified merchant with and psiGate. All transactions with us will show on your credit card statement as being with STAT Publishing

Your credit card information are not stored!

All transactions are cleared immediately online by PSiGate, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Home Capital Group Inc., a publicly held company that trades on the TSX under the symbol HCG.. No credit card information is saved anywhere afterwards. No information about your credit card is transmitted back to STAT Communications Ltd. at any time for any reason.

How it works

To enable you to purchase products online we have become part of an ordering process that uses sophisticated state of the art encryption/security techniques to ensure your personal information (credit card number) is secure.

The core of this technology is Secure Socket Layers (SSL). The constraint on using this system is your browser must support SSL. The newest browsers do.

Netscape users will see a closed padlock on the toolbar when encryption security (SSL) is activated. Microsoft Internet Explorer users will see a closed padlock icon in the lower right hand corner.

The secure server software at PSiGate encrypts information, ensuring that internet transactions stay private and protected. Your name, address, and credit card number -- plus everything else about your order -- can't be read by anyone else as the information travels from your computer to PSiGate.

The credit card numbers are used immediately to clear the transaction, and afterwards they are deleted!