STAT Subscription Comparison

Free Regular Platinum
Annual Fee (1 user) free $525 $1750
Partial News Access yes yes yes
Read All News no yes yes
Mailing list option no yes yes
Extra users? no $50 each $50 each
Free copies of books no no yes
Basic supply-demand tables no yes yes
Basic export data no yes yes
All supply-demand tables (1) no no yes
All export data (1) no no yes
Searchable trade data (2) no no coming
View Daily Grower Bids yes yes yes
View Weekly Price Summaries no yes yes
View Price Graphs no yes yes
Price history (2) no no partial in graphs
Advertise in books yes yes yes
Advertising discount (books) no no 20%

1 - Extra supply demand forecasts include green lentils, red lentils, yellow peas,
green peas for Canada. Extra export data include green lentils, red lentils, yellow,
green and split peas, pinto beans for Canada
Trade data for selected countries

2 - Historical data and price history is limited to the time you have been a subscriber.