Credit Card Payment

All credit card transactions are handled through a secure system managed by PSiGate. Transactions are cleared immediately and no credit card information is saved anywhere afterwards. All purchases will show on your credit card as being with:
STAT Publishing

Flexible Subscription Periods

We offer subscription periods to match your budget and the style of your business.

You can purchase a one year or six month subscription or subscribe on a month by month basis.

This is an excellent way for businesses with strong seasonal cycles -- such as farms -- to buy information only during key business planning periods and focus on fields and machinery during seeding and harvest.

30-day trial

You can purchase a 30-trial subscription any time you need access to the website. This is the ideal way to fully investigate our website to determine whether or not you should subscribe for a longer term.

Your subscription ends 30 days after purchase unless you renew or purchase a subscription with a longer term, such as a one year subscription by credit card or cheque.

Payment by Cheque

You can pay for your subscription by cheque. All cheques must be drawn on a prime North American bank and the face of the cheque must show the correct routing numbers.

To select this option just click on the payment by cheque option on the subscription page. You can print out the order form, complete it, and return with payment to our mailing address.