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Reduced Walnut, Hazelnut Crops

WASHINGTON - Sep 12/22 - SNS -- Production of both walnuts and hazelnuts is expected to be down from last year in the United States, according to the USDA's latest production forecast.

Hazelnut production in Oregon is forecast at 68,000 tons, down 12% from last year's final utilized production of 77,500 tons. The September forecast is based on the hazelnut objective measurement survey.

The 2022 California walnut production is forecast at 720,000 tons, down 1% from last year's 725,000 tons. The forecast is based on the walnut objective measurement survey conducted July 22 through August 25, 2022.

Survey data indicated an average nut set of 981 per tree, down 1% from previous year's average of 992 per tree. The% of sound kernels in- shell was 98.0% Statewide. In-shell weight per nut was 20.2 grams, while the average in-shell suture measurement was 32.4 millimeters. The in- shell cross-width measurement was 33.2 millimeters, and the average length in-shell was 37.9 millimeters.

Utilized Production of Nuts by Crop - States and United States: 2021
and Forecasted September 1, 2022
                              :          Utilized Production
        Crop and State        :---------------------------------------
                              :       2021        :       2022
                              :                 tons
Hazelnuts in-shell basis      :
Oregon .......................:       77,500              68,000
United States ................:       77,500              68,000
Walnuts in-shell basis        :
California ...................:      725,000             720,000
United States ................:      725,000             720,000

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