Jump in Lentils Offsets Decline in Other Pulses

PANAMA - Jun 29/20 - SNS -- Surging interest in lentils because of strong prices and movement after February lifted land in pulses and other specialty crops 1% over last year from 9.63 to 9.737 million acres, just below the previous five year average of 9.75 million, according to Statistics Canada seeded area estimates.

If yields are at their recent five year average, total production will be up 2% at a possible 9.456 million metric tons (MT). If achieved, the total would be roughly 98,000 MT higher than the previous five year average, but well below the record 8.821 million MT harvest recorded in 2016.

The most significant increase was recorded in lentils, more than offsetting reductions in land in peas, dry edible beans and chickpeas.

Statistics Canada's estimates were based on a survey of around 24,500 farmers between May 14 and June 11. Farmers had wrapped up seeding operations by the end of the survey period, but the pace of plantings was slower than last year and the previous five year average until the last week of May. Because seeding was not complete, the August crop report will contain updated area estimates along with initial yield forecasts.