Bulk Pea Export Pace Hot in May

WINNIPEG - Jun 28/20 - SNS -- The Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) reports 328,700 metric tons (MT) field pea were loaded for export through licensed terminal and primary elevators which are required to report to it all grain movement in May.

The CGC data does not include exports in containers or from non-reporting terminals. It is important to recall that the CGC data may not match official export data. The CGC counts product when it is loaded to ships, while Statistics Canada bases its calculations on the bill of lading date.

This lifted bulk export loadings for field peas to 2,254,500 MT so far this marketing year, up 33% from the 1,695,300 loaded during the same period in the previous marketing year.

Movement during the month was up 27% from the 259,800 MT shipped the previous month and 78% above the 184,700 MT shipped the same month last year.