Bulk Lentil Exports Up on Year

PANAMA - Nov 29/19 - SNS -- The Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) reports 25,500 MT of bulk lentils were loaded for export through reporting terminals and primary elevators between November 18 to November 24. This lifted season to date bulk export movement to 247,900 MT, compared to the 140,600 MT reported at this time last season.

The CGC broke down exports by grade, reporting 204,100 MT or 85% of the total was No 2 Canada and 15% or 35,000 MT were other grades. Of the total, 148,700 MT of No 2 Canada and 35,000 MT of other grades were loaded for export in Vancouver. Loadings at Thunder Bay total 20,900 MT of No 2 Canada so far this season; while 34,500 MT of No 2 Canada were loaded for export at Churchill

Farmers delivered 40,600 MT of lentils to primary elevators during the week. Season to date deliveries now total 534,400 MT, compared to 504,100 during the same period last season.