Harvest Almost Complete

REGINA - Oct 31/19 - SNS -- Farmers in Saskatchewan made surprisingly good harvest progress during the past week despite unfavorable weather conditions, according to the latest crop report from the provincial agriculture department.

"Mixed precipitation consisting of rain and snow was received across most of the province last week. . . Provincially, topsoil moisture conditions on cropland are rated as 13% surplus, 80% adequate, 5% short and 2% very short. Some fields remain saturated with excess water, particularly in southern and east-central regions," Saskatchewan Agriculture reported.

"The majority of crop damage this past week was due to strong winds and frost. Geese and wildlife continue to cause damage by feeding on swathed crops. There also continues to be many reports of significant downgrading at the elevator due to sprouting. The crop is coming off is tough or damp and is being placed into aeration bins and grain dryers. Farmers are busy drying grain and hauling bales."

There is a general expectation some farmers will not complete the harvest until next spring, even though they are taking every opportunity to harvest their remaining crops. However, the wet conditions has resulted in serious damage in recent weeks. Manitoba Agriculture says only 60% of the dry edible bean crop grown in central crop districts has been harvested, but "most of the remaining crop is considered not worth harvesting due to mouldy grain."