U.S. Bean Harvest Advancing Forward

WASHINGTON - Sep 24/19 - SNS -- Roughly a quarter of this year's dry edible bean and chickpea crop is now in the bin in the United States, up from 12% last week, judging from state level crop updates from the USDA's NASS.

States growing more chickpeas than dry edible beans continue to show the most progress. Idaho reports 51% of the crop is now in the bin, versus 78% last year, while Montana has harvested 76%, down from 84% last year and Oregon reports 68% harvested, compared to 66% last year.

Farmers in North Dakota have now harvested 28% of this year's crop, compared to 84% last year. Colorado's harvest started the week at 18% complete, compared to 55% last year. Farmers in Michigan are now reporting 4% of the state's bean crop is now in the bin.