China Expects Smaller Bean Harvest

WASHINGTON - Sep 18/19 - SNS -- Production of dry edible beans and other pulses could drop 10% this year in China to around 4.4 million metric tons (MT) because of lower seeded area and unfavorable growing conditions, believes the U.S. agricultural attache for the country.

"Low pulse prices (especially for mung and adzuki) helped drive plantings down year-over-year. China's annual pulse consumption per-capita is roughly 1.7 kilograms, leading East Asia as the fastest growing market.

"Pulses are increasingly deemed as a healthy and convenient food option. Rising incomes and greater nutrition awareness (health benefits of high fiber and vegetable protein diets) have strengthened demand. Robust demand is especially evident for dried peas (food and feed use), which are the fastest expanding market for pulses," the agricultural attache wrote.