Mixed Week in Birdseeds

PANAMA - Sep 6/19 - SNS -- Birdseed ingredient markets posted a mixed finish during the past week in response to harvest activity in parts of the United States.

White proso millet seed markets dropped sharply in the face of new crop deliveries, with prices paid to growers sinking from U.S. 10.5 cents per pound to 8.5. Oil and confection sunflower markets were unchanged on the week in the United States.

There was no immediate reaction in Canadian canaryseed markets to the first ending stock estimates since the 2013-14 marketing year. Statistics Canada pegged residual supplies of canaryseed at 10,700 metric tons (MT), down from 16,200 last year and well below market expectations.

The survey based estimates found 2,000 MT on farms, compared to 4,000 last year, and 9,000 in commercial hands, down from 12,200 MT last year. The onfarm stocks number is not accepted by most market participants. One reason is hard data on deliveries into the bulk handling system. A second is the belief growers hide inventory on their farms because like flaxseed, the crop stores well.