Market Cautious About Chickpea Estimates

PANAMA - Aug 30/19 - SNS -- Markets are approaching initial estimates of the size of the Canadian crop with caution because of increased reports of ascochyta blight and other diseases in the crop because of recent wet conditions.

In an interview with the Western Producer newspaper, Sherrilyn Phelps, agronomy manager with the Saskatchewan Pulse Growers noted that disease pressure is being reported across pretty Western Canada and the northern United States.

More troubling is the fact CDC Orion is more affected than other varieties, suggesting its moderate resistance to ascochyta blight is breaking down. This happened with Sanford 15 years ago, contributing to a collapse in chickpea production in western Canada.

This has many market participants thinking yield estimates given to Statistics Canada by farmers are higher than what will be harvested. Moreover, there is concern that a significant portion of the crop will be downgraded because of weathering and damage from disease.