U.S. Beans Condition Drops

WASHINGTON - Aug 12/19 - SNS -- Dry edible bean crop conditions in the United States continued to trend lower during the past week, judging from state level crop updates from the USDA's NASS.

The proportion rated in good condition slipped from 63% to 57%, while crops rated in fair condition jumped from 26% to 31% and crops rated in poor or very poor conditions increased from 6% to 12%. All states for which crop ratings are available account for 84% of the total seeded area.

Crop development remains behind last year in most states. North Dakota crop reporters say 96% of the crop has bloomed, with 78% setting pods, compared to 93% last year. Out of the crop, 3% are now dropping leaves.

In Minnesota, 96% of the crop has or is blooming, while 83% is setting pods, about two days behind normal. In Nebraska, 87% has reached the blooming stage and 46% are not setting pods.