Modest Drop in Russian Sunflower Crop

WASHINGTON - Jul 15/19 - SNS -- Sunflower production in Russia is expected to decline 3.57% from last year's record 12.76 million metric ton (MT) harvest to a forecast 12.30 million, according to the U.S. agricultural attache for the country.

Output will fall because of a modest decline in seeded area from 8.16 million to 8.10 million hectares, while yields are expected to slip from 1.6 to 1.59 MT per hectare. Russia grows mainly oil type sunflower seed.

Last year, the country saw "a regional shift in the production of sunflowerseeds. In the south of the country (where the major processing capacities are concentrated), their output fell due to the drought while in the central and Volga regions weather conditions favored higher yields," the agricultural attache said.

The regional leaders by the gross output of sunflowerseeds in 2018 was 1.6 million MT in Saratov oblast, 1.3 million in Rostov oblast and 1.1 million MT in Voronezh oblast.