Regional Quality Concerns in Chickpeas

PANAMA - Nov 12/18 - SNS -- Chickpea markets maintained their weak tone through the past week with product available from exporters remaining well ahead of the medium term needs of importers.

Quality issues with the Canadian harvest and emerging problems in Argentina are not adding strength to the medium caliber kabuli chickpea markets, but could create additional demand for departments from the United States and other origins with better overall quality.

In its final crop progress report of the year, Saskatchewan Agriculture estimated that 58% of the province's chickpea crop will grade No 1 Canada, 37% No 2 Canada, and 5% No 3 Canada or worse. Last year, roughly 78% of the province's chickpeas graded No 1 Canada and 22% No 2 Canada. Some processors think the proportion of lower grades could be higher because of poor conditions during the final weeks of harvest.