Lentil Grade Price Spreads Narrow

PANAMA - Sep 21/18 - SNS -- North American lentil markets finished the week largely unchanged for high quality product, but values for offgrade rose because of shortages of Extra 3 and lower quality product in Canada.

Some processors moved early to try to attract deliveries of offgrade product to meet the needs of those buyers who specialize in the lower grades. Others moved during the past week, increasing the average price paid for Extra 3 and No 3 Canada product.

Preliminary grade breakdowns suggest 95% of the Canadian crop is No 2 or better and the balance No 3 and Extra 3. This is similar to last year, but well above the recent five year average of 74% grading No 2 or better, 22% Extra 3 and No 3 and 4% sample or feed quality.