Pulses Flower As High Heat Arrives

REGINA - Jul 5/18 - SNS -- Almost half the pulse crops grown in Saskatchewan are flowering at a time when temperatures in many parts of the growing area are unusually high.

Temperatures across much of the growing area are expected to jump into the mid to high 30s as the weekend starts. They are expected to drop into the mid 20s by Sunday, but return to nearly 30 degrees Celsius during the coming week.

Growers and processors will be paying close attention to fields in bloom because of the risk the heat could cause some flowers to abort, reducing the yield potential of affected fields.

Saskatchewan Agriculture notes that dry conditions have been relieved in some areas. But, more rain is needed in the coming weeks to help crops develop.

In its latest weekly update, the provincial agriculture department noted 20% of spring cereals are in the heading stage, while 45% of the canola and mustard and 44% of the pulse crops are flowering.

Overall, topsoil moisture conditions have slightly worsened in the past week, due to the warmer temperatures and lack of moisture. Provincially, topsoil moisture conditions on cropland are rated as 4% surplus, 62% adequate, 29% short and 5% very short. Topsoil moisture remains in very short supply in many southwestern areas.

        Saskatchewan Pulse Crop Development Stage
                    (per cent)
               Emerging Vegetative  Flowering    Podding
Southeast             3         48         47          2
Southwest             1         52         44          3
East Central          0         45         52          3
West Central          2         61         37          0
Northeast             2         65         33          0
Northwest             3         55         39          3
All                   1         53         44          2
SOURCE: Saskatchewan Agriculture and Food