Movement Firms Peas

PANAMA - May 11/18 - SNS -- International field pea markets finished the week unchanged to firmer against relatively good export movement and reduced selling by farmers who are busy with spring seeding.

This allowed markets to ignore Statistics Canada's March 31 stocks in all positions report. Based on data from the Canadian Grain Commission, and surveys of both farmers and specialty crop processing companies between March 2 to 29, the total supply of peas was pegged at 1.911 million metric tons (MT), compared to 1.695 million last year and the recent five year average of 1.52 million MT in all positions.

Statistics Canada said farmers reported there were 1.553 million MT of peas in their bins, while commercial stocks were pegged at 358,000. Last year, farmers were holding 1.257 million MT of peas and commercials 438,000.