Lentils Ignore Stocks Report

PANAMA - May 11/18 - SNS -- Lentil markets finished the week unaffected by Statistics Canada's March 31 stocks in all positions report.

Inventories on farms and in commercial positions totalled 1.53 million metric tons (MT), the second highest level since 2014, when there was a record 1.55 million MT on hand. Total supplies are up 35% from last year, with farmers holding just over 1.36 million MT and the trade 168,000

Breaking down onfarm stocks by province, Statistics Canada reported inventories in Saskatchewan jumped from 835,000 MT last year to 1.25 million MT; while stocks on farms in Alberta dropped from 130,000 to 112,000 MT. Statistics Canada does now estimate lentil inventories in Manitoba or British Columbia because production in those provinces is nominal.