Buyer's Market Seeding Intentions

OTTAWA - Apr 27/18 - SNS -- Canadian farmers say they will reduce land in pulses and other special crops this year as part of an overall shift into cereal grains. But, the intended reductions fall far short of market expectations.

One interesting change is that farmers plan to increase overall seeded area this year, with land intended to be left fallow dropping from 2.2 million to a record low 1.921 million acres. At the same time, total wheat area is expected to jump 12.8% to 25.3 million acres, while durum wheat acreage is expected to increase 11.0% to 5.8 million acres.

Canadian farmers in almost every province expect to seed 5.1% more barley, pushing land in the crop to 6.1 million acres. Land in oats could drop 1.6% to 3.1 million acres; while grain corn area could climb 5.1% to 3.8 million acres.

The recent expansion in oilseed plantings will come to a halt this year if farmers stick with their intentions. Canola area could drop 7% to 21.4 million acres; while soybean plantings may fall 11.4% to 6.45 million.

Farmers in Saskatchewan say they will slash land in the crop from 850,000 to 504,000 acres; while growers in Manitoba intend to reduce seeded area 14.4% decline to 2.0 million acres for the first decrease in the province since 2007.

Ignoring soybeans, land in pulses and other special crops could total 9.23 million acres this year, compared to 9.82 million last year and the recent five year average of 9.15 million.