India Pummels World Pulse Markets

PANAMA - Nov 9/17 - SNS -- The shoes have been dropping in India this year in the face of abundant available supplies of pulses and weak domestic prices for the country's farmers.

In March, India imposed a 10% import duty on tur or pigeon peas. Though there was pressure within the government to take steps to temper imports of other pulses, exporters in Canada, France and the United States took comfort in India's decision to extend its expiring methyl bromide exemption to cover cargoes shipped with bills of lading dated on or before June 30.

Exporters later got a reprieve the exemption was extended until September 30 for Canada and the end of the year for the United States and France. But, any thoughts India will soon revisit the phytosanitary exemption dimmed when a government official told newspapers this week that there would be no further extensions.