USDA Sees 23% More Dry Beans

WASHINGTON - Oct 12/17 - SNS -- Dry edible bean production in the United States is up sharply from last year, jumping 23% to 35.3 million cwt (100 pound units) or 1.6 million metric tons (MT), according to updated production forecasts form the USDA.

Planted area is estimated at 2.11 million acres, up 27% from 2016. Harvested area is forecast at 2.03 million acres, 30% above the previous year. The average United States yield is forecast at 1,737 pounds per acre, a decrease of 105 pounds from 2016.

In North Dakota, planting was virtually complete by June 18, ahead of the 5-year average. As of October 1, harvest was 71% complete, close to the 5-year average of 73%.

In Michigan, harvest began mid-to-late September as favorable weather aided in drying down the crop. As October got underway, 57% of the beans were harvested, which was slightly ahead of the previous season.

In Minnesota, nearly all of the crop was planted by June 11, about 1 week ahead of average. By mid-September the crop was rated mostly fair to good. As of October 1, 85% of the beans were harvested.