Easy Mustard Export Pace

PANAMA - Mar 11/17 - SNS -- Bulk export movement of mustard seed maintained its slow pace through the past week.

The CGC reports 300 metric tons (MT) of bulk mustard seed export clearances through reporting terminals and primary elevators between February 27 to March 5.

That lifted season to date exports to 12,000 MT, compared to 11,500 MT exported during the previous marketing year.

Farmers delivered 600 MT to primary elevators during the week. This lifts season to date deliveries by farmers to 20,400 MT, compared to 19,500 MT during the same period last season.

Elevators and terminals reported selling no bulk mustard seed to domestic buyers during the week. Season to date sales now total 3,200 MT, compared to 4,200 during the same period last season.

There are 4,100 MT of commercial stocks of mustard seed, including: 2,800 MT in primary elevators; 100 MT in process elevators; 1,100 MT in Thunder Bay; and 100 MT in the St. Lawrence. There are 500 MT of mustard in transit by rail to Canadian ports, compared to 200 MT the previous week.

For mustard seed in primary elevators: 1,800 MT are located in Manitoba; and 900 MT in Saskatchewan.

The grade breakdown for the mustard seed instore Thunder Bay is: 500 MT of No 1 Canada; and 600 MT of other grades. There are also 100 MT of other grades in Vancouver; and 100 MT of other grades in the St. Lawrence.