Indian Mustard-Rapeseed Output Jumps

PANAMA - Mar 5/17 - SNS -- The U.S. agricultural attache for India expects the country to produce 6.8 million MT of rapeseed and mustard this season from 7.05 million hectares.

The 15% jump in output reflects the combined impacts of improved yields and a 6.4% increase in seeded area. Roughly 65% of the crop is grown in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh.

"Although wholesale rapeseed and mustard prices are under some pressure due to good progress in planting to date, prices are relatively stable and generally on par with prices last year. Moreover, the MSP for rapeseed and mustard in 2016/17 was increased by INR 350 to INR 3,700/quintal.

"Additionally, taramira (Eruca sativa) and toria (Brassica rapa) planting increased by 640,000 hectares, accounting for almost 9% of total rapeseed and mustard planted this year," the agricultural attache said.