Barley, Durum Lower Canada's Grain Output

OTTAWA - Oct 5/06 - SNS -- Significant year over year declines in the size of Canada's barley and durum wheat crops have resulted in an overall decline in cereal and coarse grain production levels in that country, according to the latest production estimates from Statistics Canada.

Prairie farmers expect to harvest 18.8 million metric tons (MT) of spring wheat, up 2.3% from 18.3 million MT in 2005. The 10-year average is 17.6 million MT. Harvested area is expected to rise by 2.7 million acres, but the yield could drop from 39.7 bushels per acre to 35.1 bushels per acre.

Manitoba farmers expect a strong increase in spring wheat production, up 49.2% to 3.5 million MT, the result of strong increases in yield and harvested acres. The 10-year average production is 3.3 million MT.

The spring wheat harvest in Alberta could fall 9.1% to 6.7 million MT, as yield is expected to drop by 6.9 bushels per acre. Saskatchewan farmers now expect a minor output decline of 46,300 MT to 8.6 million MT, the result of a lower yield but an increase in harvested area.